Price is typically between 20 thousand to 35 thousand per square meter. This may go up or down depending on the materials and finishes  and the prevailing price of house construction materials at the time of assessment.  You don’t have to worry if budget is a concern, we are able to suggest alternative materials without sacrificing quality. Just tell us your budget and we will work on it.

For a minimal fee we can start working on your dream home. This will cover budget or cost estimate, planning, house designs for you to choose from and complete set of plans and documents signed and sealed by Engineers and Architects. Once approved, the next step is processing of building permit, processing fees will then be requested based on the prevailing fees required by City Hall.

At this time, the documents are ready should you wish to avail PAG IBIG financing house construction or thru bank house construction loan.  Our Engineer can be requested to be present when meeting with the Bank Assessor if necessary.

Once the building permit is released a 25% down payment will be required to start commencing on the actual house construction. Balance can be paid thru monthly progress billing.

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